NPL and NPL Southwest have strict guidelines on parent, coach and player behavior.  One of the foundational pillars of the league is to support both player and coaching development through this national platform,  Parental support is a vital asset of this development and we expect that all parents and supporters do not make the game or an incident about themselves, but about the team and players that are competing and training every week to improve their ability to play the game.

1.  Verbal and/or physical abuse of referees is not tolerated.  Any parent or supporter or group of parents or supporters who is/are asked to leave the field/facility and fails to do so will result in your team’s forfeiting the match.  Additional suspension may be imposed based on the incident.
2.  Respect the oppositions parents and supporters.  This includes staying on your half of the field.  Your half of the field is directly across from your team and stays that way for the duration of the game.  This is for all 11v11 matches sanctioned by the NPL Southwest league.
3.  Respect all players on the field, whether they are on your team or with the opposition.  Abuse directed at players is not tolerated and can result in a season(s) suspension.
4.  Player suspension for Violent Conduct and/or Referee Abuse will serve a minimum of a three (3) match suspension for the players first offense.  Additional offensive will see increased suspensions.
5.  Coaches who are sent off for Violent Conduct and/or Referee Abuse will serve a minimum of a three (3) match suspension and the incident will be reviewed by the league to determine if any further suspensions are necessary.
6.  Team bench areas should be a minimum of 10 yards from midfield.  Only carded players, carded coaches, carded team administrators and or athletic trainers/medical staff are allowed in the team’s technical (bench) area.  ALL parents or any person not carded through US Club Soccer must watch the match on the parent sideline.  

Please respect the referees, even the bad ones.  Please enjoy the games and support your team, the players and your son or daughter.  The league will address referees should they not be up to the standard of the league or level of competition.

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